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Social Impact Investing: Strategies and Implications for the Future.

The School and Programs

The UC Irvine Merage School MBA and Master's Programs

It’s been said the world is becoming flatter—meaning that technology has leveled the playing field of business on a global scale. As businesses access talent and resources from around the globe, they face intense competition from every corner.

This flattening world of business requires a different type of leader. A leader who can drive innovation and organizational change. A new kind of leader who knows how to anticipate and take advantage of emerging trends. The Merage School MBA and Master's degrees are as innovative and dynamic as the world around us. We prepare you to become the type of leader that businesses now demand.

Throughout our curriculum, you will learn to examine business trends and harness their potential. You will learn how to analyze business problems and how to respond with innovative solutions. Consider two such examples of forward-thinking companies cited in The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman. Netflix famously leveraged technology to change the way people rent movies, and the results are being felt by every brick-and-mortar retailer. FedEx revolutionized the shipping industry by harnessing technology to create a new model for package tracking and signed deliveries. The common thread in every example — business leaders who are using IT and innovation to make groundbreaking decisions.

At the Merage School, we prepare you to become one of these leaders. Our admissions team starts the process by seeking out high-potential professionals with innate qualities of leadership. Throughout the program, these promising professionals gain an understanding of the critical forces that have transformed the world of business: strategic innovation, the use of information technology for managers and analytic decision-making. During your experience, you’ll learn how these drivers affect all aspects of business. And you’ll learn how this will allow you to become a more effective leader in your organization.


Facts and Figures

The Merage School offers four dynamic MBA programs, a Master of Finance, Master of Professional Accountancy, MS in Business Analytics, MS in Biotechnology Management, MS in Engineering Management, and PhD and undergraduate business degrees that deliver its thematic approach to business education: sustained growth through strategic innovation. Business leadership, collaboration and communication are taught through in-class and on-site experiences with real-world business problems. Seven Centers of Excellence and an Executive Education program provide numerous and varied opportunities for students and the business community at large to enhance their education experience and update their professional expertise. While The Paul Merage School of Business is relatively young (the first class began in 1967), it has quickly grown to consistently rank among the top 10% of all AACSB-accredited programs through exceptional student recruitment, world-class faculty, a strong alumni network and close individual and corporate partnerships who generously invest in the School with both time and contributions.

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