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Lifelong Learning For Merage School Alumni

The Paul Merage School of Business offers course auditing privileges for all UC Irvine MBA alumni in good standing in select MBA elective courses, and may consider other course audit requests on a case-by-case basis. Please note that core and residential classes are not open to auditors. While approval to attend class is not guaranteed, we will do our best to accommodate your request subject to review and approval in each of the following areas:

  • agreement by the course professor,
  • space availability,
  • classroom dynamics and
  • auditing application approval by the Merage School. 

As the Merage School graduates more students, our ability to serve every alumni auditor becomes more difficult. In fairness, a higher priority may be provided to first-time or infrequent auditors. The highest priority must also be given to the success of the current students. Therefore, final approval is at the discretion of the Merage School and may also be withdrawn at any time – including partway through a course – at the discretion of the Merage School.

The process begins with an application obtained from this website (download audit request form below), filled out by the alumni and returned to the Alumni Relations office. The schedule of classes available for auditing is posted by Alumni Relations as soon as it is determined by the programs, usually four weeks before the start of the quarter.  If your application has been approved, the program manager will then be in contact with you regarding space availability, faculty requirements and other details.

Alumni may audit courses in a program different than the one from which they graduated. For example, EMBA alumni can audit a FEMBA course.

There is no fee for alumni to audit classes, and no credit is given. However, alumni will need to purchase textbooks (either through the university or on the open market) and pay for parking while on campus.

The above policy and procedures are subject to change without notice.

Course descriptions can be found here.

Classes Available to Audit and Application Form

ALUMNI APPLICATION TO AUDIT A COURSE (please download, type your information, and save the file and submit to us. Do not print and handwrite, as it is hard to read. Thank you)

  • All classes for Winter Quarter are now closed. Spring Quarter begins the week of April 3. The Spring Quarter schedule of available classes will be posted to this page when it becomes available, approximately 6 weeks before the quarter start date. Please note that schedules, once posted, are subject to change, and space is limited. Please do not contact the professor or show up in class without filling out an application and receiving advance permission. Thank you.