Alumni Relations    

At the Inaugural Event

We recommend you have:
  • Name tags to help people get to know each other
  • A registration sheet to record attendance and/or track RSVPs.
  • A short survey to determine what events people are interested in as well as who might be willing to help organize future events.
  • Remember to collect business cards from all attendees. You can scan them and email them or mail them to the Alumni Relations office. We use this information to improve our alumni database and promote networking among attendees.
The Alumni Relations office provides templates for these items to help make organizing an event as easy as possible. Visit our Event in a Box page for more information on supplies.

Event Fees and Costs

All events should be coordinated on a cash-only basis. Guests must all pay cash at the event door and the leader will pay cash to their vendors for event services rendered. Groups do not use University accounts and are not covered under the University’s insurance.

  • For Lunches and Office Visit events – stick to three meal options (one vegetarian) and a set price that includes the meal, drink, tax and tip.
  • For Happy Hour events – allow everyone to order and pay as they consume. If you find a deal where you can include a set price, even better.

Once you’re ready to move forward with quarterly events be sure to offer variety in venue and location so you will see new faces.

For Established and Growing Groups

The following events and services may also be undertaken by area groups that have been previously established or have succeeded in developing a general following:
  • Welcome alumni who move into the area.
  • Promote career networking.
  • Host events when the Merage School Dean or faculty representatives are in the area.
  • Encourage annual giving to the University through the Merage School Fund.
  • Welcome current students who are visiting your area for a job search. After all they will be alumni someday!