Alumni Relations    

Event Host/Hostess Requirements


The volunteer host or hostess should make sure to complete the following:


  • Please always communicate with AR department staff on all event logistics.
  • Look over the list of talking points and attendee quick fact sheet to help with introductions.
  • Arrive early, before all other guests.
  • Confirm all event logistics with the venue staff. Locate the manager for any questions or needs during the event.
  • If you are having a guest of honor (such as the Dean, a speaker or faculty member) be sure to arrive before them and greet them upon arrival.
  • Greet all remaining guests and check them in, collecting funds when applicable.
  • (If applicable) Introduce the Guest of Honor to all or as many of the guests as possible.
  • Arrange seating when appropriate.
  • Collect business cards to send back to the AR office. We will scan them for you and email the file for distribution.
  • Provide opening remarks and closing remarks for the event.
  • Do not leave before the event ends, or until the guest of honor has left or ask permission to leave.
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