Alumni Relations    

Merage School Regional Networks


Guided by the Paul Merage School of Business Alumni Relations office, which aims to foster a program that reaches, serves and engages all alumni, our Regional Networks are located all over the country for alumni networking. You can even start a new network in your area.

If you’ve just moved to a new city and are looking to connect to some familiar faces, or if you have not been very active with the Merage School (formerly GSA and GSM) Alumni Network but want to – join or start a local Merage School Regional Network!


The process for organizing a group is outlined below. Remember, the staff of the Alumni Relations office is available for guidance and advice along the way. Merage School alumni groups may vary widely in their organizational structure. But what they will share is a mission of connecting alumni to each other and to the university.


  • Find Other Merage School Alums: Begin by searching the online directory to find out how many alums are in your surrounding area.
  • Initiate Contact: Send e-mails to people to see if anyone is interested in helping out or attending an event should it be held in your area. The Alumni Relations office can also help you send out a broadcast e-mail to gauge interest. Once you have a group of people (even two people constitutes a gathering), collaborate as to what type of an inaugural event you want to plan.
  • Designate Primary Area Contact: Determine someone, if not yourself, who is readily accessible by phone and e-mail. Forward their name, phone and e-mail to Alumni Relations so we can pass that information along and also put it on the website. Also, make sure your alumni database listing is up to date!

Want to coordinate an event in your region? We can help; please e-mail