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Reunion 2010 Was Held Sept. 11, 2010

Merage School Multi-Class Reunions

The Merage School Alumni Network looks forward to hosting YOUR next reunion!
Initiated in 2008, the multi-class reunions are held on campus. The invitation list is segmented by graduation year in 5-year increments corresponding to the year in which the reunion takes place. In 2010, all classes ending in 5s and 0s celebrated theirs. 

Merageville 2010

Thanks to all of our alums from classes ending in 0 and 5 who came back to campus for the reunion and enjoyed an afternoon of memories, margaritas and good food. More than 150 alumni and guests enjoyed the tropical atmosphere, donning leis and their finest island resort wear. The blue tables patio outside the Merage School building was transformed by tiki huts, pineapples, and a coastal sunset backdrop while enjoying live Calypso music. To see pictures from the event, please go to our Scrapbook page. Planning is already underway for next year's reunion, which will be for class years ending in 1 and 6. Once the date is set, we'll let you know in the Alumni eNewsletter and website! If you would like to volunteer to help plan the event, please contact us

Get Involved!

If you have questions or if you are interested in helping with your reunion by helping to locate and spread the word to your missing classmates, please contact the Alumni Relations Office: 949.824.7162 or email us at

"Lost Alumni" - Do you know where they are now?


Michael Greaves
Kiyayu Kigwana
William Naiditch

Robert Barneson
Bernard Bianchi
Peggy Cacciamatta
Robert Carbrey
Kenji Hanano
Jy-Bin Jiang
Jacques Lajugie
Mary Oshea
Joyce Westfall
Diane Wicklund

Norman Alexander
John Bokosky
Mary Clarke
Armida Cook
James Glover
Eileen Stein

Marc Barnes
Ronald Bell
Russell Bennett
Terri Culp
Donna Davidson
Ravinder Dhillon
Dennis Feeney
Susan Fillingham
John Fulton
Richard Graham
Robert Grambo
David Haddad
Clare Laguardia
Jy-ling Ling
Mauro Macchi
Timothy Ogrady
Ronda Reed
Nicole Ressler
Gilbert Richter
Patricia Roberts
Daphna Rosenthal
Per Schau
Jolien Shu
Stanton Townsend
Joseph Tyndall
Robert Von Handorf
Marianne Whitby
David Wyatt
Yossi Zekri
Jan Zemanek

Andy Ballantyne
Cris Bartholomew
Teresa Centobene
Julian Chen
Steven Chien
Ralph Coolman
Chris Drechsler
Taizo Fukuda
Andreas Goehring
Earl Gorman
Akiyoshi Hakama
Ryan Keith
Eric Klein
George Koutsavitis
Hsiu-Tuan Lee
Hsingyi Lin
Min-Fu Lin
Peter Loiselle
Mingnai Ma
Patricia McMikel
Michelle Monteith
Valonia Oei
T Owusu
Kimberly Westrich
Karen Wotherspoon
Tsyng-Yu Yen

Huong Ackerman
Julie Clark
Robert Ennis
Kimberly Gilman
Kimberly Ito
Robb Kelman
Kirk Lesh
Henry Lichtman
Ciprian Sandu
Matt Sorensen
Ryan St. George
Chanh Tieu
Mytilee Vemuri

Zainab Al-Shamkhani