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about the May 4th
Social Impact Investing: Strategies and Implications for the Future.

Charter Members

Members of the Dean's Leadership Circle enjoy influence and recognition in the business community through high visibility ads in various publications such as the Orange County Business Journal. Click here to see how we recognized our Charter Members in the Orange County Business Journal. 


Charter Members of the Dean's Leadership Circle were honored at an exclusive ceremony attended by Dean Policano.  Charter Member's names are commemorated upon a special plaque mounted at the entrance of the Merage School building. Click here for the list of names on the plaque.




Former Dean Andy Policano, and Johnny Mosham

From Left to Right: Former Dean Andy Policano, Professor Emerita Judy Rosner
Professor Emeritas Lyman Porter, Professor Nai-fu Chen


From left to right: (back row) Greg Lai '03, Sam King '00,
Pam Adams '98, Greg Queen '03, Mark Carpenter '01, Len Ambrosini '02
(Front row) Paula Milano '80, Jeff Pratt '99, Kyle van Hoften '97 Ken Neeld '07