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Social Impact Investing: Strategies and Implications for the Future.

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Welcome to The Paul Merage School of Business. Located in Orange County, California – in the heart of the Tech Coast – UC Irvine’s Paul Merage School of Business is a globally recognized source of business research and education. The Merage School attracts and retains renowned faculty, an extensive alumni network, involved and invested corporate partners, vibrant community support and a dedicated professional staff. Combined, these elements deliver an exceptional educational experience.

Our curricula are rigorous, relevant and timely, and continuously adapt to address new social and economic challenges in our ever-changing world. We model and teach the innovation and analytical decision making skills that distinguish our graduates among upper management. Our ability to connect and collaborate with leaders of an exceptional business community at large ensures we remain at the forefront of impactful research and business education.

Our facilities are inspiring, offering state-of-the-art teaching and conference venues including uniquely designed student areas that enhance the learning environment. With the 2015 addition to the Merage School campus – nearly 80,000 more square feet of classroom, office and meeting space -- we are well equipped to serve as a hub of innovation and thought leadership for the Southern California region and beyond.

Whether seeking undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate, or customized executive education, the Merage School’s offerings are unrivaled. Our programs are consistently ranked among the top 50 in national and global business school rankings. And, we continue to ascend in the rankings thanks in part to our rapid progress and commitment toward broadening our international footprint plus our ability to deliver a high return on investment for our students as they are propelled forward in their careers.

By serving as a catalyst for community engagement, a facilitator of interaction between students and businesses, and a global resource for learning, the Merage School has become a preeminent leader in business education and a driving force behind the innovative spirit that is contributing to the region’s economic growth. I invite you to connect with us and learn more.




Eric R. Spangenberg

Dean and Professor

The Paul Merage School of Business
University of California, Irvine



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About Paul Merage

Paul MeragePaul Merage is a philanthropist, an innovative and successful entrepreneur, and a champion of education whose $30 million gift to UC Irvine’s business school was the most significant donation in the University’s history.

Paul Merage was born in Iran during World War II. In the early 1960s, his father sent him to the United States so that he might have a better future. He arrived alone and could barely speak English. However, he soon enrolled at Hope College in Michigan where he excelled as a top student, giving him the academic accomplishments necessary to transfer to UC Berkeley. By the time he was 22, he had earned both his bachelor’s degree and his MBA.

Paul planned his career carefully. He researched the restaurant industry to find out what owners and customers needed most and eventually used this information to found Chef America. With an eye for change, Paul recognized the demographic and social shifts in America — more working parents, less time to prepare meals for families and an array of advances made possible with the expanding use of the microwave oven. Paul seized this opportunity and created HOT POCKETS® as an innovative answer to societal trends. His new product ensured that Chef America was a great success, and it was eventually purchased by Nestlé.

Now Paul is leaving a different legacy — giving back to the community. In addition to his namesake donation to The Paul Merage School of Business, he maintains involvement with organizations that reflect his own immigrant background and his passion for America. These charitable organizations expand educational opportunities for families with low to moderate income levels. The Merage Institute for the American Dream offers major fellowships to outstanding immigrant college students “to help them pursue their American Dream.” And through the Children First Foundation, needy children are provided with educational, developmental and mentorship opportunities.

We applaud Paul Merage for his innovation, his inspiration and his drive. “America is a noble society,” he says, “and it inspires you to be noble.” His background in entrepreneurship, sustained business growth and social responsibility serve as an inspiration for all of the programs at the Merage School.