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Social Impact Investing: Strategies and Implications for the Future.


Make a Gift that Lasts in Perpetuity


Many generous donors envision a gift to the Merage School as lasting far beyond their lifetimes, while they still hope to see the fruits of their generosity immediately.  One of the most effective ways to accomplish these goals is to establish an endowment.

Endowed funds are, by nature, meant to be available in perpetuity.  The impact of an endowment gift is powerful, and its continued growth is critical to the long term sustainability of non-profit institutions.  Generally, endowed funds are restricted funds intended to indefinitely support a specific, on-going purpose desired by a donor, such as a Merage School program or a faculty chair. The principal is normally not expendable on a current basis under the terms of the gift, meaning that the corpus or principal is instead invested for the long-run with generated income dedicated to supporting the stated purpose(s) of the endowment indefinitely.

If you would be interested in endowing a faculty chair, a fellowship to support deserving Merage School MBA students or a program that you desire to ensure its long-term stability, please contact Sandra Findly at 949.824.8880 or for more information..

Thank you for your interest and support!