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Merage Applied Consulting



Welcome to the Merage Applied Consulting program at The Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine.

Applied Consulting is designed to offer MBA students a real practical experience in a strategic project for a corporate client.  

Corporate sponsor benefits are substantial including having a highly motivated team from the outside provide unbiased, fresh and creative approaches to particular issues, obtaining information through thorough research, taking a close look at bright young talent, and strengthening the partnership with the School.

I look forward to working with you and our MBA student teams on challenging and rewarding projects. Thank you for partnering with us at The Paul Merage School of Business.  


Dr. Emile Pilafidis
Faculty Director

About the Program

Applied Consulting offers top university-level MBA student teams to assist in the completion of strategic business projects. Students contribute approximately 500 hours of work over a 10-week period.

What you receive is:


  • Fresh ideas and perspectives to incorporate into your strategy and management plan
  • MBA level project work - students each bring significant professional experience to the table
  • Solid, documented results; actionable analysis and recommendations are delivered.

Take advantage of this opportunity to experience MBA talent first hand and leverage this opportunity to evaluate an MBA intern or career hire for your organization.


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Project Requirements

For a project to be considered, it must be challenging in scope and strategic in nature. For the full benefits to be realized, potential projects should:


  • Involve MBA-level work with specific goals and deliverables
  • Be supported by top management with a senior executive as champion
  • Allow appropriate access to information and resources

Companies that are of significant size in their market are invited to participate. The focus should be on performance improvement and involve strategic management issues and/or changes in the organization. Departments that have benefited from the projects have included: Corporate Marketing, Operations, Strategic Planning, Human Resources, and Business Development.


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"The Global Marketing team of Edwards Lifesciences' Critical Care business wanted to better understand the competitive landscape," said Ramin Mousavi, manager of Strategy at Edwards Lifesciences.  "As a Corporate Partner, we felt this was an ideal opportunity to engage the students at the Merage School and also address a business need.  The work we received exceeded our expectations.  Our team of MBA students tackled the correct issues and went the extra step to deliver and convey important information."

Ramin Mousavi, FEMBA 2011
Manager, Strategy

Edwards Lifesciences