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PhD Courses


Primary Courses

291 Information Economics

297H Experimental Design

Advanced course provides experience in planning and implementing an experiment or quasi-experiment, including chioce of topic, study design, data analysis, and manuscript preparation. Data analysis topics include ANOVA, ANOCOVA, repeated measures, logistic regression, chi-square, and tests of mediation.



Additional Courses

227 Doctoral Seminar in Organizational Behavior
Examines recent research and literature in the field of organizational behavior. Open only to advanced Ph.D students in organizational behavior and related areas.

291 PhD Sem-STR
A special topics course.

291 Decision Theory Doc Sem
A special topics course.

291 Experimental Design
A special topics course.

291 Research Seminar in Measurement and Construct Development
Many disciplines within the business school use instruments to operationalize constructs of interest (e.g., innovation, customer satisfaction, conflict orientation, etc.). The purpose of this seminar will be to teach students about the construction and evaluation of measures of constructs (test construction), with particular emphasis on survey methodology. Thus, the seminar will cover measurement and test construction theory, including reliability and validity. Within the course, students will learn about item analysis, factor analysis, correlation analysis, and structural equation modeling as these quantitative tools are applied to the test construction and evaluation domains. The seminar will involve relevant readings as well as application of concepts to the student’s own research interests.

291 PhD Sem - Mktg I
A special topics course.

291 PhD Sem - Mktg II
A special topics course.

291 PhD Sem-Ec/HC

A special topics course.

291 PhD Sem-FIN
A special topics course.

291 PhD Sem-IS

A special topics course.

291 PhD Sem-Info Econ

A special topics course.

291 Applied Econometrics and Research Methods
A special topics course.

291 Structural Equation Modeling

A special topics course.

291 PhD Special Topics Sem
Each quarter a number of special topic seminars are offered in the 291 series for Ph.D. students. Examples include topics such as: methods seminar; experimental design; qualitative research; structural equation modeling.

291 PhD Sem-OB
A special topics course.

291 PhD Sem-OT
A special topics course.

291 Qual Data Anlys
Cross-listed course from Social Ecology (Winter 07).

291 Adv Qual Methods
cross-listed course with SE U213

291 Power&Empowerment Org
A special topics course.

291 Information, Psychology and Social Processes

291 Qualitative Research
This course focuses on phenomena that cannot be quantified but nevertheless are very critical in management decision-making. The focus will be on interpretation of symbols and language systems, human interactions, verbal and non-verbal communications. Several examples are provided from Japanese, European and American contexts. While the emphasis of Marketing Research (MGMT 251A) is on the collection and analysis of appropriate quantitative data, here the emphasis in on interpretation of observed behaviors and symbols. The level of the course is applicable to doctoral and advanced masters students and not limited to marketing. There is no prerequisite, but ability to deal with both abstract concepts and practical applications is necessary.

291 Multivariate Statistics

291 PhD Sem-ODT
A special topics course.

291 Organizational Theory
A special topics course.

291 PhD Sem-ACC
A special topics course.

297A Doctoral Pro Seminar

Analysis of the central theories and theoretical controversies in the field of management. Examination of the formal education for managerial careers and exploration of issues relating to professional careers in research and scholarship in the field of management.

297B Principles of Scientific Inquiry in Business

Provides a first exposure to some fundamental issues in the conduct of research and development of the domain of knowledge relevant to their fields.

297C Doctoral Seminar in Statistical Analysis
Emphasizes techniques for the testing of hypotheses derived from organizational theory (or social science theories in general); touches lightly on traditional business statistics used in organizations.

297E Doctoral Seminar in Research Methods
Provides foundation in research design and methodology. Topics include statistical analysis, philosophy of science, and experimental design.

297G University Teaching
Designed to prepare students for teaching career; incorporates seminars addressing topics of classroom dynamics, syllabus preparation, and teaching techniques; establishes mentor relationship with faculty member in student's teaching area, provides classroom experience and includes option of videotape analysis of teaching style.

299 Individual Study
Individual study under the direction of a selected faculty member.