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Research in Action: Business Tips You Can Use


The University of California is renowned for its exceptional research and innovation. It's one reason there is a department in the US Patent Office dedicated to UC alone. We urge you to view the latest summaries of published work from Merage School professors that is directly applied, studied and cited the world over.


Here, we invite you to learn and benefit from Research in Action through these easy-to-read-and-use papers:



In addition to the above papers, we've also put a very practical spotlight on a portion of two extensive studies and packaged them up in quick game formats for you to play. Your results may reveal some applicable aha's that we hope you'll find useful in your own business or organization:


Choosing a Founding Leadership Team for Longterm Success


Do initial leaders set the road to riches…or to ruins?  UC Irvine Merage School Professor Christine M. Beckman, together with M. Diane Burton from Cornell University, have published a series of papers* exploring the functional diversity and depth of expertise among founding members of start-up teams. They look at how those factors might affect the development of the team over time and the ability to reach important milestones such as a successful IPO bid. Early decisions made by company founders can make lasting organizational imprints on fledgling companies, far beyond the initial start-up phase.  These early decisions may impact a company’s ability to secure funding, retain key executives and ultimately affect their ability to grow and succeed.


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