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Partial Merit-Based Scholarships - Opportunities for Outstanding Candidates   

Scholarship Consideration:


As an applicant to the EMBA program, you are automatically considered for a merit-based scholarship.  Scholarships are based on management and leadership experience, combined with a solid record of academic achievement.  Scholarships are awarded at the time of admission in the form of tuition assistance during the first academic year of the program.


The Admissions Committee takes the following into consideration when making award recommendations:  


  • Academic performance.  Your undergraduate record is a factor taken into consideration, as well as any additional academic certifications or advanced degrees (MD, MS, JD, etc.)
  • Professional work experience.  Your career history should show a pattern of unparalleled achievement, leadership, and significant contributions to your workplace.
  • Committee evaluation.  The Admissions Committee performs a qualitative evaluation of each EMBA candidate, based on your interview for the program.  




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