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Gretchen Bender

Gretchen Bender, Class of 2008
Current Employment: Senior Vice President, US Sales, Global Payments Inc.

"I was able to apply classroom concepts immediately. I received a promotion, and one of my first goals in my new position was to reorganize the sales division. The Organizational Behavior class helped me literally from day one."

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Jane Terry Jane Terry, Class of 2009
Current Employment: President/CEO, Ajax Boiler, Inc.

“I firmly believe that in today's fast-paced, global environment, you cannot be one of the premiere competitors without the perspective and insight afforded by this program.”

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Chris Meyer Chris Meyer, Class of 2008
Current Employment: Deputy Editor, Orange County Register Communications

“One of the things this professor taught us was not academic, but more of an attitude. He said, ‘You have to want to win and figure out a way to win. You can’t be going for place or show.’” 

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Jon Dvorak Jon Dvorak, Class of 2009
Current Employment: Manager of Projects and Planning, International Operations, Blizzard Entertainment

“Not only is the school strong nationally in rankings, but also the structure of the program, with two days of classes every two weeks, appealed to me.”

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Stephanie Klein Stephanie Klein, Class of 2008
Current Employment: Executive Therapeutic Specialist, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals

“Beyond my science background, this program gives me knowledge in a variety of business areas, and that makes me more well-rounded as a person. That is something I take with me whatever organization I am working in.”

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Ken Neeld Ken Neeld, Class of 2007
Current Employment: President & CEO, Delphi Display Systems

“Listen first to the customer. That’s one of the most impactful things I learned in the EMBA program.  I had very little formal marketing background before this, so that was a new perspective in which to view the business.”

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Debra Floyd Debra Floyd, Class of 2005
Current Employment: Design and Build Value Stream Manager – Flight Operations, Test and Validation, Boeing Commercial Airplane Company

“The network established with my class has resulted in not only good friendships, but also in the continued sharing of knowledge and job opportunities.”

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Ryan Kaneshiro Ryan Kaneshiro, Class of 2007
Current Employment: Director of Business Analytics and FP&A, Oakley

"The Executive MBA experience is like drinking from a fire hydrant. There is a surge of knowledge coming at you, not just from the textbooks, but from your peers, the environment, and the faculty."

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