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Terry Shevlin
  • Title: Professor of Accounting, Paul Merage Chair in Business Growth, Associate Dean of Research and Doctoral Programs
  • Office Phone: 949.824.6149
  • Fax: 949.824.8469
  • Office Location: SB1 3207
  • Email:
  • Key Research/Interest Areas:

    Effect of Taxes on Business Decisions and Asset Prices, Capital Markets-Based Accounting Research, Earnings Management, Employee Stock Options, Research Design, Statistical Significance Testing Issues

  • Education:
    • Stanford University, Graduate School of Business, Doctor of Philosophy, October 1986
    • Monash University, Master of Economics, with a major in accounting and finance, June 1981
    • University of Melbourne, Diploma of Education, December 1976
    • University of Melbourne, Bachelor of Commerce (Honors), June 1976

Brief Bio

Professor Terry Shevlin is a professor of accounting, Paul Merage Chair in Business Growth, Associate Dean of Research and Doctoral Programs at the UCI Paul Merage School of Business. He earned his PhD from Stanford University in 1986 and joined the faculty at the University of Washington where he worked for 26 years until joining UCI in the summer of 2012.  He visited the University of Iowa in 1991-92.  He held the Paul Pigott/Paccar Professor of Business Administration from 2004-2012. While at Washington he held various administrative position: faculty director of the PhD Program 1998-2006 and Accounting Department Chair from 2006-2012.  He has served as editor on three academic journals: Journal of the American Taxation Association (1996-1999), Senior Editor, The Accounting Review (2002-2005) and Co-editor, Accounting Horizons (2009-2012) and on numerous editorial boards (including the top four accounting journals).  He has published nearly 30 articles in the very top accounting and finance journals.

He has received a number of awards for his research and mentoring of PhDs the most recent being named the American Accounting Association Outstanding Educator for 2012. He was also named the American Taxation Association 2005 Ray M. Sommerfeld Outstanding Tax Educator. He has won the American Taxation Association Tax Manuscript Award three times (in 2004, 1995, and 1992) and twice won the AAA Competitive Manuscript for young scholars (1990 and 1987).  He was awarded the UW Business School Dean’s Faculty Research Award four times.

His research interests are broad and include the effect of taxes on business decisions and asset prices, capital markets-based accounting research, earnings management, employee stock options, research design and statistical significance testing issues.

His teaching interests: financial accounting, taxes and business decisions, empirical research methodology.
He has spoken at numerous doctoral consortiums.


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