The Secrets of High Performing Teams

Kristin J. Behfar Merage School Professor Kristin J. Behfar and her research team1 studied business school teams over time as they formed and continued to work together on several projects. As expected, some teams improved their performance and were high performing groups over time while others decreased and were low performing. At the same time, individual team members experienced high/increased satisfaction within some groups, and others experienced low/decreased satisfaction. By using both quantitative and qualitative analysis of group and group member comments, some surprising discoveries were made…
Merage on the Move

The team at the Merage School prepares students for any economy, and the business community knows it:

  • In the current economic environment, while some Top 20 B-schools are struggling to place students, more than 91% of Merage School 2009 full time MBA graduates have accepted offers
  • 100% of Merage School full time MBA students had internships, 88% of which were paid.
  • BusinessWeek places Merage School MBA alumni among Top 25 for Earnings after 10 years.