Full-Time MBA Program

Merage Extracurricular Activities

Making Lasting Connections

While it is necessary to work hard in the classroom to achieve your goals, it is also important to make connections with fellow students – some of whom may become lifelong friends. The Merage Student Association and our many clubs are organized by students and allow for professional and informal gatherings in a variety of settings.

All students belong to The Merage Student Association, which is self-governed and provides social and networking opportunities with a busy calendar of social and educational events. At the core of the Merage Student Association are the many clubs whose focus is to
your knowledge in a given subject area and broaden
your network.

Whether it’s strengthening your leadership skills, starting a business or improving your golf swing, the Merage School has many clubs and associations that make it easy for you to find fellow students who share your interests:

  • Challenge for Charity
  • China America Business Exchange
  • Consulting Club
  • Entrepreneur Association
  • Financial Management Association
  • Golf Club
  • Healthcare & BioPharma Association
  • International Business Association
  • Japan Management Association
  • Marketing Association
  • Net Impact
  • Operations Management Association
  • Real Estate Association
  • Sports & Entertainment Business Club
  • Women in Business Association
  • Merage Key Assets

We encourage you to join a club and make connections that will enrich your MBA experience and your life.