Full-Time MBA Program
“Many companies today face the challenge of creating environments that support and encourage innovation. It’s my goal to teach our students how to foster innovation and put structures in place that will allow it to thrive."
Vital Statistics
Name: Christine Beckman, Associate Professor of Organization and Management
Degree: PhD, Stanford University
Website: web.merage.uci.edu/~cbeckman/
Areas of Expertise and Research Interests:
  • Entrepreneurship and emerging companies
  • Diversity
  • Women, diversity and organizations
  • Organizational learning and change
  • Inter-organizational relationships and networks
  • Impact of technology on networks
Innovation Takes Teamwork

When students take my Organizational Behavior class, the first thing they realize is that we work together on most projects in teams. Because, in the real-world, people work in teams. In order to be successful in those teams, you have to be able to communicate – and most important – to be able to communicate with different groups of people.

For example, one of the projects we work on involves a computer simulation where teams of students are trying to sell innovation in a company. They need to convince people in the organization to adopt a new innovation. If a team does not do a good job of communicating and convincing others, their innovation fails. By the way, the innovative idea is the easy part. Students tend to find, however, that convincing people to implement and adapt innovation is a bit harder.

Everyone here is intellectually engaged – and we all respect each other. We’re always striving to be better, not complacent."

  We’re Still Growing

I came to the Merage School because I wanted to be in a place where other scholars are the best in their field. Everyone here is intellectually engaged – and we all respect each other. We’re always striving to be better, not complacent. I started here in 1999. We were growing then and we’re still growing now. In fact, most business schools aren’t growing at the rate we are. I’m really excited thinking about where we’re going to be 10 years from now.
You Know Who People Are

One of the things I like best about teaching at a smaller school is that you know who people are. How many professors do you know that can say they know all of their students by their first name? Some MBA programs are so huge you can’t possibly remember who people are. What’s more, I get to see first hand, and be impressed by, my students’ amazing dedication and commitment. They have my greatest admiration.
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