Full-Time MBA Program
"We have a really vibrant program filled with ethnic diversity. Which translates into interesting conversations and great insights. There's an energy that's just pulsating - it's a fun thing to be a part of.."
Vital Statistics
Name: Lisa Barron, Full Time Lecturer, Organization & Strategy
  • PhD, UCLA, Organizational Behavior
  • BA, Stanford University, English & Psychology
Website: web.merage.uci.edu/~lbarron
Areas of Expertise and Research Interests:
  • Negotiation and communication
  • Symbolic meaning of money
  • Women and negotiation
I Fell in Love with the Environment

One of things I enjoy most about the Merage School is that everyone is open to new ideas. The faculty here is very strong and really bright. They are engaged in the classroom and research. More than that, they are very friendly. And when the faculty gets along with each other, this creates a better overall environment for everyone, especially the students.

I can truly say at the Merage School, we know each other. There is cohesion amongst the people our students will be learning from. They can get to know each other and their faculty. And there are plenty of opportunities for mentoring and networking. This is not a huge school where people never meet each other.

I really admire all of my students. Perhaps the most important quality a great leader possesses is integrity."

  Integrity is the Key to Leadership

There are plenty of books out there about what it takes to be a great leader. They describe behaviors that are common among great leaders – these behaviors are very teachable. However, there are some internal qualities that can’t be taught – such as courage and integrity.

For example, I really admire all of my students. Perhaps the most important quality a great leader possesses is integrity. You need to know who you are and what you stand for. Yet you are not unyielding or inflexible – you have something guiding you. It’s an inner sense of right and wrong that other people can see – and this is tremendously inspiring to people.
Efficiency Isn’t Everything

The world is becoming increasingly competitive. If you’re not innovating, you may not be in business. You have to innovate and innovate smartly – that is what strategic innovation is all about. In my field, we are looking at managing people better and smarter. For example, how managers can attract and retain top talent by giving them what they want – and that may not necessarily be money.

Managers who are aware of what it takes to attract and retain talented people should also be creating cultures where innovation can thrive. I teach my students that they need to create an environment that doesn’t punish innovation, but rather encourages and guides it. The organization may not be so efficient, but creativity isn’t always efficient. Good managers make room for that to happen and encourage other people to put their ideas forward.
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