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Dotty's Story
"The school's presentation course immediately helped me understand many of the cultural and business communication differences in America. This in turn gave me the confidence I needed to feel comfortable when speaking with other executives, both formally and informally. In a sense, I felt at ease – like I fit in much better, much faster."
Vital Statistics

Full Name: Dotty Wang
Graduating Year: 2012
Hometown: Shandong, China
Undergraduate and Previous Work Experience: Master of Arts, Interpretation, Shanghai International Studies University; Bachelor of Arts, International Business and Technical English, Shandong University; World-Class Manufacturing Manager, ArcelorMittal (Luxembourg/China)
MBA Focus: Supply Chain Management
Internship while in the Program: Falken Tire, Sumitomo
Position upon Graduation: Procurement Leadership Development Program, Johnson & Johnson
Extracurricular Activities: President, Operations Management Association; President, China-America Business Exchange
Just for Fun: Hiking, painting, crocheting, tennis
OC Favorite Places: Huntington Library, Disneyland

  Effective Presentation Skills

The Merage School stresses presentation skills with a thorough understanding of how critical these abilities are in business situations. During the first year, we worked with a skilled presentation consultant who instructed us how to speak in front of groups and communicate effectively – where to stand, where to look, and how to use our hands. These skills have proven to be highly applicable not only for case presentations in the classroom, but also in the work place and in practical, everyday communications.

As an International Student, building on my presentation skills was a tremendous help. Not only did I learn more about myself, but I also learned a great deal about the American business culture. Thanks to this training, I quickly felt far less self-conscious and far more assimilated into the American corporate environment ultimately leading to a job in the U.S. Now I feel more confident about going out, making new friends and developing business contacts anywhere in the world.
The Differences That Make All The Difference

The Merage School offers a remarkably diverse international student body. Interestingly, because the school uses a collaborative approach to teaching, everyone works together on case studies in small groups. Given all the differences in cultures, areas of concentration, and business sectors, these groups arrive at some incredibly innovative ideas.

It was astounding to see how well my group worked together on our case studies – everyone played to each other's strengths and weaknesses. Before, I was used to taking the lead and running things - but with the Merage School's collaborative approach to problem solving, I have learned to trust others - to rely on their skill-sets and follow-through. It’s been a real life lesson.
"It was astounding to see how well my group worked together on our case studies – everyone played to each other's strengths and weaknesses."

  Where The Job Market Comes To You

The reputation of the Paul Merage School of Business is sterling in the business community. In fact, the MBA Career Center is on the radar for virtually every major corporate recruiter in the area. I know for a fact that my current position at Johnson & Johnson came from recruiters who reviewed my resume in the MBA Career Center’s database. The staff is very proactive, both in working with you to cultivate your marketability and in reaching out to prospective employers. It is terrific knowing that employers are just as actively seeking you out, all because you’re with the Merage School.
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