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Lisa's Story

"I was looking for the best of both worlds from a community and business standpoint. I wanted a fun atmosphere and quality of life by the beach, but still wanted to be near big businesses and industries with access to innovative startups as well as Fortune 500 companies. The Merage School provided the perfect fit."


Vital Statistics 

Full Name: Lisa Ton
Graduating Year: 2012
Hometown: Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Undergraduate and Previous Work Experience: Bachelor of Science in Finance, Carlson School of Management; PriceGrabber.com
MBA Focus: Marketing
Internship while in the Program: AT&T Leadership Development Program
Extracurricular Activities: President of the Marketing Association: VP of Communication, Women in Business; VP of Marketing, Healthcare and BioPharma Association; Project Echo Mentor, Challenge 4 Charity
Just for Fun: Being a tourist in a faraway place or even the city next door; indulging in good food; exploring new Groupon deals, relaxing at the beach
OC Favorite Places: Diamond Jamboree Plaza; Huntington Beach; Westminster for Vietnamese food; Disneyland


Finding the Right Fit 

Coming from a Big 10 school with thousands of students, I wanted a top-ranked MBA school in Southern California that offered a smaller program and a more personalized approach. Two attributes appealed to me immediately: the Merage School’s sense of community and the personal attention I received from the MBA Career Center and staff. I also prefer learning in a collaborative environment to a competitive one, and I wanted access to companies and industries that matched my career goals. Finding the right fit has been key to my happiness at the Merage School and to laying the groundwork for success in my future career.

Learning to Lead

With the Merage School’s breadth and depth of student organizations and extracurricular activities, the opportunities to gain leadership experience are limitless. Being involved at the Merage School has allowed me to build leadership skills, to fulfill my passion for marketing, to apply knowledge outside of a classroom setting and to bond and collaborate with classmates to make a positive community impact. All of the experiences I’ve acquired and the challenges I’ve overcome will help me be an effective leader throughout my career.
“With the Merage School’s breadth and depth of student organizations and extracurricular associations, the opportunities to gain leadership experience are limitless.”

The Camaraderie of a Collaborative Community

I came to the Merage School for its reputation as a collaborative environment, which has been a positive experience. Despite the fact that some of my classmates have similar goals and have even been vying for the same internships, we’ve helped and supported each other as friends and advocates in both our personal and professional pursuits.

The supportive spirit at the Merage School has left a huge impression on me. Working closely with a diverse group of personalities, work experiences, cultures, interests and geographic backgrounds is a valuable part of the MBA program that will shape my entire professional life.

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