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FEMBA Schedule

The FEMBA Program consists of 21 courses, including 12 core courses, six electives, and three Residentials or off-site learning and executive leadership retreats. Students may enroll in the Fall or Spring. Most students pursue a 27 or 33 month option, although select individuals may choose to accelerate the program.


Fall Entry (33 months)

Fall entrants begin in September and attend classes for three quarters each year, excluding summers, for a total of nine quarters.  Students attend two three-hour classes per week. Scheduling options for the first five quarters (core courses) include Tuesday and Thursday evenings (7-9:50pm) or Wednesday evening (7-9:50pm) and Saturday morning (8:30am-11:20am).  The last four quarters of the program include electives, which are offered Monday through Thursday evenings and Saturdays.


Spring Entry (27 months)

Spring entrants begin in March and complete the same program as Fall at an accelerated pace. Spring students attend classes for nine consecutive quarters, including summers. During the first five quarters, students attend two three-hour classes per week:  Monday and Wednesday evenings (7-9:50pm).  For the remaining four quarters of the program, students take electives, which are offered Monday through Thursday evenings and Saturdays.


Academic Approach

The Merage MBA core curriculum focuses on four key drivers of business growth that distinguish our graduates from other MBAs:  strategic innovation, information technology, analytic decision making and collaborative execution. Each of these themes is integrated into the core to help you build a solid foundation on which to effectively compete in today's global economy.

Another hallmark of the FEMBA program is teamwork. Students attend all of the core classes and the three off-site residentials with the students in their individual cohort. This model provides students with a collaborative and intense teamwork-driven environment.