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MBA UCI Paul Merage School of Business - Peter Navarro

MBA UCI Paul Merage School of Business - Peter Navarro

A State-of-the-Art Approach

MBA UCI Paul Merage School of Business - Peter NavarroMy primary goal is to give students real-world experience in an academic context. My class features a state-of-the-art approach to business education. It encompasses multi-disciplinary integration combined with experiential learning and soft skill development – including oral and written presentation skills. Most importantly, my students develop a global perspective on business.

Also, my class is very project oriented. Each class works on a new project that has extreme relevance to current issues of the day. Some of the projects deal with how to manage the business cycle for competitive advantage and competitive analysis of Chinese manufacturers in world export markets. We have even worked on projects to answer the question: “What’s wrong with business schools?” You’ll have to take my class to find out the answer…
MBA UCI Paul Merage School of Business - Peter NavarroResearch Must be Relevant

All of my students become part of a collaborative research process. Through that process, I am able to propel students into what are arguably the most relevant research questions of the day. Everything we do ties back to the workplace – my students are right on the front lines and face many challenges.

There is no doubt that if the research is current, than the relevance is there. Students learn this first-hand, as some of their classroom projects have been featured in a few of the books I have published.
MBA UCI Paul Merage School of Business - Peter NavarroBringing China to the Classroom

My current research deals with China as an emerging economy. Questions to be considered in my classroom deal with issues such as whether companies should continue to off-shore to China, or produce domestically – especially in an era of the declining dollar. We also discuss risk-assessment of off-shoring to China.

Other factors we consider are relations between the United States and China as well as Europe and China. Projects might be centered on the hot topic of global warming – specifically, the environmental fallout that is occurring in China as they try to compete for market share.