Our diverse student body contains career advancers, career changers and many successful entrepreneurs. Did you know the FEMBA Class of 2015 received a 35% average salary increase from the start of the program to completion?

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Vital Statistics

  • Year Graduated:  2006
  • Hometown: Lake Oswego, Oregon
  • Undergraduate: Bucknell University, Pennsylvania
  • Current Employment: Hampton Products International, Category Manager for Padlocks Business Development
  • Career Goals: CEO or COO
My Team Was a Microcosm of Real Life

ashton Good - UCI Paul Merage School of BusinessOne thing about the program that was really challenging was working on a team. And we were not allowed to pick who was on our team – the school chooses your team for you. This truly mimics the business environment – we don’t get to pick who we work with either. What I’ve learned from this is experience is how to manage difficult personalities and varying skill sets.

The wonderful benefit that has come from working in a team in an academic setting is that I was able to take what I had learned and use it in my workplace. It has also helped me understand how organizational behavior works. Looking back on my experience, all the classes here have become very valuable to me and the team experience enhanced their value. Plus, it’s made me learn the language of business – I can now communicate more effectively with senior management and I feel more confident about my abilities – the program gives you added credibility within your workplace.
Alumni Want to Stay Involved

Ashton Good - UCI Paul Merage School of BusinessI have made many close friends, in fact, lifelong friends, being a part of the FEMBA program. I still bounce ideas off of my colleagues. And the Mentorship Program really helped me to define my goals – I was one of the first students in the Mentorship Program. It’s a very important part of the Merage experience. There are also plenty of networking opportunities with alumni and business leaders.

As a volunteer speaker at new student orientations, I enjoy staying involved. I believe in the school’s future and am excited to see where it is going. I’m also part of the Dean’s Leadership Circle – our new Dean is very dynamic and has a vision that will truly take the school to the next level.
They Make it Easy

Ashton Good - UCI Paul Merage School of BusinessAs a married, working professional, I understood that this was a huge commitment. The administration at the Merage School is very flexible and accommodating – this is a huge plus for the program. They do everything from buying your books for you to providing meals before you attend class. They also offer tutoring sessions, time after class, homework sessions and web-based classroom instruction – so if you have to travel for work, you can always stay caught up.

Student Experiences