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Workshops and Seminars

Career Management Workshops

Take advantage of career workshops and seminars specifically designed for mid-career professionals.  These workshops are themed around real career scenarios and career goals including Career Advancement, Intrepreneurism, Entrepreneurism, and for those whose careers have been suddenly disrupted. These workshops are highly interactive and designed to drill down on topics which include:




  • Re-evaluating your career goals
  • Confirming realistic career objectives
  • Planning a career marketing campaign




  • Creating a new position at your current organization
  • Proposing an initiative to reduce costs or increase revenues
  • Communicating small wins and establishing internal systems
  • Writing an executive resume
  • Activating your job search campaign
  • Measuring progress towards your objectives




  • Identifying your entrepreneurial best fit option
  • Finding the right business or franchise to buy
  • Planning your start-up business
  • Weighing the risks and rewards of a consulting business


Career Management Training Online

In addition, a self-paced, online career management training program has been developed for individual use at any time during your education at Merage. These modules cover some of the basic job search topics not necessarily focused on during the in-class workshops.


Professional Development Seminars

In addition to career management workshops, professional development seminars delivered by industry experts are offered throughout the year.  Previous topics include Emotional Intelligence, Developing an Executive Blueprint, Working with Executive Search Firms, and Personal Branding and Image Management.