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Designed for Health Care Professionals

Professor Paul Feldstein, PhD, Univ. of Chicago. Area: Economics & Public Policy

The Health Care Executive MBA Program (HCEMBA) is a niche MBA for industry professionals from the intersecting worlds of biotech, medical device, pharmaceutical, managed care, insurance, healthcare services, and healthcare policy. The entire program is designed to help you maintain high performance in your position while building your knowledge and earning your MBA. We have geared the program toward your level of experience and busy schedule.

Schedule: Classes meet one weekend per month, from Thursday evening through Sunday noon. This convenient schedule broadens the diversity of the class, allowing for participants who travel.

Curriculum: The Merage HCEMBA’s core curriculum is the foundation of your education and what you will need to be a change agent in your organization and industry. Our thematic approach focuses on the main driver of global business today: sustainable growth through strategic innovation. Our students build a solid foundation of skills within this area to effectively compete in today’s global economy.

Courses: The program includes 12 required courses, three non-core courses, and three offsite residential learning experiences for a total of 92 units.

Teamwork:  You will share responsibility with your study team of 4-6 members, and work with them intensely throughout the core curriculum. These study groups foster teamwork, collaborative innovation and leadership skills.

Program Services: To lessen the burden on your busy schedule, the HCEMBA Program includes reserved parking and catered meals. Staff will also assist you by registering you for classes.  For your convenience, program staff is on site during all class sessions, including weekends.
Faculty: The HCEMBA Program utilizes experienced and seasoned faculty who enjoy the challenge of teaching experienced students. Professors often accommodate your schedule by meeting with you before or after class, for lunch or on weekends to discuss coursework.


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