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Center for Real Estate

Professor Kerry Vandell,  Director of the Center for Real EstateThe Center for Real Estate is quickly becoming known as a leading international resource for the real estate industry.  As a forum to discuss and solve current and future real estate industry issues, the Center for Real Estate is the only real estate “think tank” that is fully incorporated within a business school in southern California.

The Center for Real Estate has been designed as a state-of-the-art resource to train the next generation’s leaders. The impressive, new 2000-square foot home of The Center for Real Estate offers the latest technology and design innovations, with two 45-inch screens streaming real-time marketing information.  Students can sit down at a workstation, tap in a security code and access virtually any real estate data source.

Programs offered through the Center include a breakfast speaker series and an annual lifetime achievement award. Courses are offered through the business school in real estate finance, capital markets and development. Additional courses are offered through affiliated faculty members in areas such as urban planning, environment, legal issues and public policy.

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