International Business and Diversity Association

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Mission Statement:

















Our mission is to expand the club members' skill set to successfully lead companies in increasingly globalized environments by creating a deep understanding of business from an international perspective, generating network opportunities with academia and business experts and developing knowledge of different cultures.
































Why Focus on International Business?
















The Merage School of Business is uniquely situated within the Pacific Rim, among some of the most diverse cities in the United States. With ready access to international leaders, the IBA will have opportunity to supplement internationally-focused coursework with intriguing speakers, events, and networking.
















































































Our Objectives:


















































1. To educate students about the various opportunities and challenges in international business contexts

2. To provide networking opportunities for all who are interested in a career  in international/globalized business

3. To develop knowledge of different cultures leveraging on our class' diverse backgrounds

4. To increase awareness of international business for both domestic and international students

5. To prepare the Merage community to successfully lead companies in increasingly globalized environments