About Us

The Merage Student Association (MSA) is a student-run organization that represents all four MBA
programs (EMBA, HCEMBA, FEMBA, and FTMBA) and MPAc at The Paul Merage School of Business. MSA is led
by 35 student leaders who make up the MSA Student Council, and the Student Council is a great
opportunity for students to build their peer leadership experience and expand their personal/
professional networks.

At the core of MSA are the individual clubs and interest groups. MSA clubs are vital to our program
because they help our students reach their career goals by further supplementing our renowned Career
Center with professional networking opportunities and skill-building workshops.

As you gather more information about MSA and our clubs, we encourage you to consider getting
involved and partnering with us so we can continually improve our already-outstanding program. The
Student Council and the club leadership teams are always looking for competent leaders to carry out
today’s goals and improve our organization to meet future challenges.


Our Mission Statement

The Merage Student Association will improve three core elements of the student experience at the Paul Merage School of Business: professionalism, social enrichment, and education.




  • The MSA, recognizing the value of a strong professional network, will help strengthen relationships between current students and alumni as well as those with corporate partners.
  • The MSA, recognizing the importance of friendship and lasting connection, will promote social activities and events that bring together students across all Merage programs.
  • The MSA, recognizing that Merage possesses a world-class faculty and student population, will foster an educational environment that promotes collaboration among students and challenges them to develop useful, valued skills.