Mort Pincus
Dean's Professor & Faculty Director, Accounting

"The ease with which we learn from colleagues in other areas is exhilarating and likely results in our research having a much broader impact. The big-picture perspective that our students develop helps them make connections across fields."

David Hirshleifer
Professor & Merage Chair in Business Growth, Finance

"Merage School PhD students are part of a lively intellectual community that is helping to develop new innovations in financial theory and practice."

Vijay Gurbaxani
Taco Bell Chair & Professor, Information Systems

"This is an exciting time to be part of the Information Systems PhD community as new information technologies are creating new options for businesses and transforming the way we work and live."

Terry Shevlin
Professor & Paul Merage Chair in Business Growth, Accounting

"Our small and individualized program allows our doctoral students to work closely with world-class faculty. Having one of the best climates in the world does not distract students but provides them with a myriad of activities both on and off campus grounds."

Alladi Venkatesh
Professor, Marketing

"Marketing is about meeting customer needs in a globally competitive environment. Our program provides an intellectually challenging and stimulating opportunity, preparing students to be the best researchers and educators they can be."

Robin Keller
Professor, Operations & Decision Technologies

"The doctoral student-faculty advisor research team that begins at the Merage School forms the basis for lifelong collaborations and friendships. I am working on projects with former students from Beijing to Boston."

Philip Bromiley
Dean's Professor in Strategic Management

"Our program helps students become top-notch scholars in Strategic Management. We offer students a chance for close collaboration with excellent faculty, a diversity of research interests, and access to excellent intellectual and business communities."

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