Design Innovation & Research Conference Hosted by The Merage School

The Merage School hosted a Design Innovation Research Conference in
November 2008. It was a great success judged by the quality of
presenters and presentations, and the number of attendees both from
academia and industry. Interested readers can now find the presentation
slides at the Center for Reseach Technology and Innovation (CRITO).

One of the speakers from India, Dr. Seema Khanwalkar, presented the
design development of the people's car, Nano, which has received
worldwide attention. Recently, her work was recognized by Mr. Ratan
Tata, the brain behind Nano and one of the leading industrialists in
India and also the head of the Tata Business Empire.  We are very
pleased that Dr. Khanwalkar was recognized for her work. Dr. Khanwalkar
is currently a faculty member at the Center for Environmental Planning
and Technology (CEPT), in Ahmedabad, India. Other presenters included
Richad Harper, Senior Research Scientist, Microsoft Cambridge, UK;
Kathryn Best, author and designer from UK; Victor Gonzalez, University
of Manchester (UCI alum); Norman Stolzoff, Design Consultant,
Ethno-Insight, Washington; Christopher Han, Stanford University Design
School; and Frederic Brunel, Boston University.



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Alladi Venkatesh is head of the doctoral program at the Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine, Associate Director of the Center for Research on Information Technology in Organizations, and a Professor of Management.