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The Unique Advantage

Abstract: Innovation is difficult for mature, slow-growth businesses and often results in long line extensions rather than high-profit, game-changing innovations. Companies, especially those focused on food and consumer products, need to rethink their innovation strategies to develop products that are unique and hard to copy.

Published: Autum 2008

Authors: Alexander Kandybin and Surbee Grover by Alexander Kandybin and Surbhee Grover

Link: strategy+business



Mike Mata said:

This is an interesting five page article that addresses some of the approaches firms in mature consumer product industries can take to improve growth.  While this article lays out some methods for the “what to do” it doesn’t address ideas on “how do you do it?”…for that I would recommend the book “The Game Chamger” by A.G. Lafley & Ram Charan.

February 19, 2009 4:27 PM

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