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The Relative Impact of Marketing, Research – and- Development, and Operations Capabilities on Firm Performance

Abstract: The three main core functions that are utilized to provide a strong competitive advantage are marketing, R&D, and operations. This article explores the impact of marketing on the performance of an organization relative to R&D and operations. Additionally, they analyze the overall relationships between company characteristics and organizational capabilities and performance.

Authors: Alexander Krasnikov and Satish Jayachandran

Published: July 2008

Link: Journal of Marketing



Jef Allbright said:

Coming across this article some two years after its publication, I'm struck by the observation that the finding of the authors, "that marketing capability should have a stronger association with firm performance than R&D and operations capabilities," is even more substantial in these days of social media, text analytics and automation of marketing research.

May 23, 2011 12:23 PM

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