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The Innovation Dilemma: How to Innovate When the Market Is Mature

Robert G. Cooper recently addressed a common issue in the present market in his article, “Perspective: The Innovation Dilemma: How to Innovate When the Market Is Mature.” If you are trying to grow your business wishes in the midst of mature, commoditized markets, this is a good article to read that discusses examples of bold innovation, which are breakthrough products, services and solutions that create growth engines for the future.

Cooper outlines five different vectors that can act as drivers of innovation. First, have a product innovation strategy that focuses your development efforts on opportunity-rich strategic arenas, much like Corning and Apple do. Second, foster the right climate and culture for innovation, driven by senior executives, as found at Grundfos and 3M. Third, set up a system to generate, capture and handle proactive ideas, similar to what Swarovski has done. Fourth, design a robust idea-to-launch stage-gate process to manage large and complex and development initiatives, which companies like P&G, Emerson Electric and Kennametal have done. And finally, do the necessary up-front due diligence and make the right fact-based investment decisions in riskier projects, such as portfolio management, much like Corning, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and Grundfos do.

Click here for the paper to read more about these examples



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