Small Biz Start-Up:


Where are you in the entrepreneurial process?
Think It Plan It Fund It Do It!

Have you have been “thinking about going into business” but, you need help in flushing out your idea?  Are you wondering if you are cut out for the life of an entrepreneur?  If this sounds like you, then you will find the following links to online resources useful in taking the first step toward owning your own business.

“Choosing a Founding Leadership Team for Longterm Success"




Hear Dr. Christine Beckman (PhD, Stanford University) talk about how to choose a founding leadership team for long term success.



“Starting and Researching the Right Business”

Still wondering what kind of business you want to start? Learn some of the basics in this brief article.

“Do You Have the Mindset and Skills to be an Entrepreneur?”

What are some of the questions you need to be asking yourself before you decide to become a business owner?  Review this list of critical questions before you commit your time and resources to building your start-up.

Is Entrepreneurship For You? Do You Have What It Takes?

Be sure to read these two articles published by the U.S. Small Business Administration before you dive into developing your small business.  Two terrific articles that will help you recognize your business readiness before you begin.

“Researching Your Market”

Take a look at this article on the best ways to gather information about your potential customer base and how best to meet their needs.

“An Entrepreneurial Guide for both Start-ups and Operating Businesses: Evaluating the Potential of Business”

Be sure to look at’s useful and free online course for step-by-step instruction on ways to begin a successful business.

The Bizminer Industry Report Center: Industry analysis of 17,000 lines of business in 300 US

When you are ready to commit capital for in-depth market research reports and industry financial profiles, take a look at this fee-based internet service.  Market research reports and industry financial profiles are available for download.

Franchise Basics - Introduction to Franchising

Interested in owning or operating a franchise?  Select the link in the middle of the page for a free course on “Franchising Basics” to learn about how franchising works, which laws and regulations apply to franchising operations and how to properly evaluate Uniform Franchise Offering Circulars (UFOCs).