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Schoonhoven, Claudia Bird and Elaine Romanelli (editors), The Entrepreneurship Dynamic in The Creation and Evolution of Industries. Stanford University Press, 2001. Hardbound and softbound versions published concurrently.

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Jelinek, Mariann and Claudia Bird Schoonhoven, The Innovation Marathon:  Lessons from High Technology Firms. Jossey-Bass Publishers, San Francisco, Ca., 1993: softbound edition. Hardbound edition published by Basil Blackwell Limited, Oxford,England, 1990.

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             in China’s High Technology Industries 1988-2000.” Strategic Management Journal, 2009,
             January.  (with A. Zhang & H. Li)

2009    Schoonhoven, Claudia Bird and Elaine Romanelli “The Next Wave of Entrepreneurship Research”

             Advances in the Study of Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence, and Growth. Volume 11, 2009


2008    Beckman, Christine M., and M. Diane Burton. “Founding the future: Path dependence in the evolution of top
             management teams from founding to IPO." Organization Science 19: 3-24

           Reprinted in Entrepreneurial Teams and New Business Creation, ed. M. Wright. 2009. The International Library of   

             Entrepreneurship, Series Ed.David B. Audretsch


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           Reprinted in Entrepreneurial Teams and New Business Creation, ed. M. Wright. 2009. The International Library of

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              Republic of China,” Organization Science, Vol. 15, N. 2, March/April, 2004: 133-144.   

2004    Tsui, A., Lau, C.M., Schoonhoven, C.B., Meyer, M.W. and Milkovich, G.T editors,             
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Book Chapters and Other Publications

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             Thousand Oaks, CA 2007.

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