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Web Advanced
Industry: Web Design, Development, & Marketing
Location: Irvine, CA

Web Advanced: The Company and the Concept

UC Irvine alumni Victor Liu and Adam Bonner founded Web Advanced, a full service IT and business consulting agency based in Irvine, California in 2000, following the completion of work toward their BA degrees in Information and Computer Science Both Liu and Bonner had gained an extensive background in designing and developing information systems and technologies while at UCI and in working for a variety of top-level IT firms such as Microsoft, Accenture and FileNet. The two friends decided to become business partners after discovering that their shared professional interests in fields such as web design and custom software development extended to a wider range of business services including marketing and strategic business consulting.

“At first I wondered what it would be like to work for one of the ‘big’ names – Microsoft or Andersen Consulting,” recalls Liu. “But by starting my own business, I was able to find a new way of thinking about and accomplishing my goals.”

Growth and Inspiration

Web Advanced’s founding coincided with the rapid collapse of the technology bubble of the late 1990’s. Liu and Bonner faced early struggles in establishing Web Advanced’s unique value proposition and brand in the rapidly shrinking and increasingly competitive Orange County IT and business consulting market. Rather than give up on their entrepreneurial vision, the co-founders weathered the downturn through a combination of streamlined business practices and a commitment to providing innovative technology packages. In contrast with more established and high-profile market competitors, Web Advanced was operating in the black within four months of the company’s founding.

Critical to Web Advanced’s success has been Liu and Bonner’s decision to take on an experienced corporate advisor. Already profitable, Web Advanced’s revenues skyrocketed under the guidance of retired Sr. Vice President of Global Accounts and Operations at Hewlett Packard, Mike Mata. Mata, with 25 years of corporate IT industry experience, helped Web Advanced re-brand and more effectively market its services to target audiences.

Web Advanced Today and Tomorrow

Today, Liu and Bonner’s commitment to innovation and Mata’s professional guidance have helped turn Web Advanced into regional leader in website design, technology development and business consulting.

“Web Advanced has the premiere development team in Orange County,” states Bonner. We pride ourselves in translating our customers’ business requirements into relevant technical details. We are well versed in the latest technologies and provide best-practice software architecture.”

Innovative businesses solutions and practices have enabled Web Advanced to remain successful through Orange County’s economic booms and downturns. Much of the company’s success is derived from Liu, Bonner and Chief Creative Officer Andrew McLendon’s commitment to innovative business practices that emphasize custom, transparent, in-house design and development solutions despite IT industry trends favoring the out-sourcing of requirements to overseas shops.

“Every customer brings different business objectives to Web Advanced. Our large portfolio is representative of Web Advanced’s dedication to discovering and fulfilling the unique design needs inside each of our clients’ projects,” notes McLendon.

With a client list of over 300 companies and organizations, regionally focused Web Advanced has garnered national media attention in publications such as USA Today,, The OC Register and Inc. Technology. Web Advanced’s ever-growing client list and national media attention has not altered Liu and Bonner’s original goal of providing innovative solutions to small and medium sized companies. Rather, the positive results have reinforced their commitment to their original entrepreneurial vision.

How does the Web Advanced management team see the company developing in the next 5 to 10 years?

“The Internet has become the predominant medium for businesses to communicate with their target audiences. Advances in communication technology are making the world smaller each day and, as a result, I envision Web Advanced catering to a much larger global audience within the next 5-10 years,” explains Liu. Liu, Bonner and McLendon and Mata are constantly looking to grow the business and already have expanded Web Advanced’s footprint to cover all of California. With a successful business model firmly in place, the team sees regional, national and eventually international growth in Web Advanced’s future.

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