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2005-06 Series

Finding Your Niche - January 17, 2006

Short Description: A Workshop designed to help you develop the key tools you need to market and promote your product or service. You will learn about how to clearly identify your specific target market and create a compelling competitive advantage. Then we will review how to use all of the tools in the marketing toolbox to generate awareness, consideration and preference for your offering as well as how to create incentives for new and repeat customers. This workshop is a must for any entrepreneur that is interested in getting and keeping customers!

Presenter: Tom Patty

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Demystifying Financial Statements - February 7, 2006

Short Description: Each business decision you make has a financial impact on your business. You must understand and use the right tools to optimize results. Learn how to utilize your basic financial statements and other key measurements to improve your decision making. Learn how to interpret your company’s financial signals along with gaining a “plain English” understanding of basic business terminology. Learn to communicate with financial people and investors to attract capital and grow your business.

Presenter: Jim Chamberlain

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Sure-Fire Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success - February 21, 2006

Short Description: You already know that starting a small business requires extensive research and analysis of many factors. But one that requires critical assessment is often overlooked by many aspiring entrepreneurs. And, it’s as close as the nearest mirror. So, what personal characteristics set the exceptional apart from the masses? What are the other key elements to getting your business off to a smooth start and keep it going for the long haul?

This workshop will provide a chance for you to hear the secrets to entrepreneurial achievement from successful business executives. Our presenters will include a number of entrepreneurs who graduated from college as recently as five years ago. In business, there are no guarantees. There is simply no way to eliminate all the risks associated with starting a small business - but you can improve your chances of success with good planning, preparation, and leveraging the insights gained by others.

Facilitator: Mike Mata

  • Vic Lui: CEO & Co-founder Network Synthesis
  • Adam Bonner: CTO & Co-founder, Network Synthsis
  • Ajay Shah: CEO & Founder, Zustek
  • Rod Schrock: former CEO, Panasas; former CEO, Alta Vista; former SVP Compaq; current Board Member, Cox Cable
  • Kevin Kinsey: CEO & Co-founder, Netreo

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Finding Start-Up Capital - March 7, 2006

Short Description: Are bank loans or equity investors the best answer to your company's start-up needs? How does a banker or investor look at your business? What other capital sources are available? Let us show you the best ways to approach commercial lenders and find additional investment opportunities. We will show you how successful start-up businesses are really funded.

Presenter: Jim Chamberlain

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Driving Growth Through Distribution Channels and Sales Management - March 21, 2006

Short Description: Today’s competitive environment requires companies to do more to be truly successful: grow more revenue, add more customers and utilize more marketing channels.

If product alone is no longer enough, what is? Companies like Dell Computers, Lexus, Wal-Mart and Amazon.com have found extraordinary success by coming up with their answer: channels. The channels by which goods are marketed and distributed have become new drivers of success. From these channels flows customer satisfaction, market share, revenue gains and profitability. It’s not only what you sell today but how you sell it. Learn the structure and functioning of various distribution channels and how to manage a multi-channel strategy.

Also, start-ups struggle to acquire new customers and continually improve their direct sales force performance. We will review how to build sales capabilities for various types of firms and an overall framework to effectively manage and measure your sales productivity.

Presenter: Mike Mata

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Nuts & Bolts of Business Structure and Licensing - April 4, 2006

Short Description: You need to know the "regulations" administrative steps on how to launch a business, and this comprehensive but easy-to-understand overview will help you get started. Plus, you'll learn about the benefits and drawbacks of the various legal ownership structures that are available. And, we will provide information regarding the tax filing requirements as well as practical information regarding insuring your business from various risks.

Presenter: Mike Mata

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Refine Your Unique Value Proposition - April 18, 2006

Short Description: Successful companies have clear answers for who they are and what they do. This workshop will give you the tools and successful examples of how to refine and test your answers to these questions. Also, a major factor that impacts on your chances of getting funded by investors or bankers is a great “elevator pitch” – the ability to capture an investor’s interest in less than a minute. Investors and bankers fund a small fraction of the ventures than approach them. We will review tips and examples of how to ignite their interest immediately; if not, investors will often tune out the rest of your presentation or relegate you to the “later:’ pile, which never gets read.

Presenter: Mike Mata and Tom Patty