The Center for Digital Transformation (formerly CRITO)    

Calendar of Center Activities



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Mar. 24 Road to Reinvention: Leadership in the Digital Age




Jan. 29 Mobile 20/20: Strategy of Healthcare Innovators
Mar. 19 Road to Reinvention: Developing Leaders in the Digital Age
May 6 IBM BlueMix Workshop (co-hosted with The Beall Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation)
May 13 IBM WatsonLab Workshop (co-hosted with The Beall Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
May 15 Advisory Board Meeting
June 18 Protecting Oneself in the Digital Age: How to Protect Your Social and Financial Identity (co-hosted with The Center for Financial and Wealth Management)
 Dec. 8

Healthcare Transformation through IT Innovation: Leadership Perspectives in the Era of Accountable Care



Jan.15 Idea Exchange Forum - Big Data & Analytics: The Art of Social Listening
 Jan.29  Idea Exchange Forum - Digital Healthcare: At the Speed of Trust: Healthcare Information in the Age of ACA, HIPAA, and Patient Engagement
Mar. 5 Idea Exchange Forum - Big Data & Analytics: Accelerating Insights Into Action: Better Decisions from Big Data Diversity
May 9 Advisory Board Meeting
May 14 Idea Exchange Forum - Big Data & Analytics: Enabling the Digital Enterprise: Leading the Transformation from Information to Innovation
June 10 Idea Exchange Forum - Digital Healthcare: Transformation to Patient-Centered Healthcare in the Digital 
Oct. 17 Advisory Board Meeting




Jan. 18 Distinguished Speaker Series: Roy Radner
Jan. 24 Idea Exchange Forum: Digital Healthcare
March 13 Digital Hour: Mingdi Xin, Merage School of Business                                                      
March 28 Idea Exchange Forum: Big Data and Analytics 
April 17 Idea Exchange Forum: Digital Healthcare        

May 10

Advisory Board Meeting             
July 10 Idea Exchange Forum: Digital Healthcare          
Oct. 9 Idea Exchange Forum: Digital Healthcare
Nov. Idea Exchange Forum: Big Data and Analytics
Nov. 22 Advisory Board Meeting



Jan. 12  Ramesh Jain, "Social Life Networks" 
March 1 The Digital Uprising: Rethinking How to Succeed in the Digital Age   
March30 Aneesh Chopra, TiE South Coast Orange County Conference at UC Irvine      
May 2 Michael Carey, "O Sole Mio" 
May 24 7th Annual Wireless Health Convergence Summit  
June 6 Alladi Venkatesh, "The Digital Home: Trends and Transformation"  
June 8 IT Teaching Workshop  
June 20 Idea Exchange Forum: Digital Marketing  
June 28 Healthcare IT Innovation Summit  
Sept. 28 Advisory Board Meeting  
Sept. 28 Larry Smarr, Founding Director California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology spoke at the Advisory Board Meeting. To download his talk, "The DT to Predictive and Preventive Personalized Medicine" click here.
Nov. 2 Hal Varian, Chief Economist at Google. Click here to listen to his talk.
Nov. 15 Cory Knobel, Informatics faculty member and Executive Diector of the EVoKe Lab