The Center for Digital Transformation (formerly CRITO)    

A Message from the Director


Welcome to the Center for Digital Transformation (CDT) at The Paul Merage School of Business.  CDT aspires to become a premier research center focused on generating and disseminating knowledge that helps businesses, governments and society leverage the possibilities enabled by emerging digital technologies.  We live in an increasingly digital world spurred on by a rapidly advancing set of information and communication technologies (ICTs).  The ever-increasing role and impact of digital technologies is changing the fundamental economics of work and organization, resulting in massive disruptions to industries, the economy and society.

This rapid ongoing pace of technology development, adoption and use continually challenges executives to adapt their organizations’ strategies and operations to reflect the evolving digital environment.  While technology itself may be pervasive, business value is generated only through a process of co-invention that complements technology investment.  Co-invention is risky and it is difficult. The next generation of leaders must possess an understanding of the transformative effects of IT - how the competitive effects of digitization are restructuring industries and companies. Successful managers must understand how new digital technologies enable new business strategies; how they can facilitate the execution of existing strategies, and how new organizational forms are enabled by these technologies.  It is our contention that success in the digital economy requires new knowledge and managerial capabilities. Our ambition is to pioneer the development of relevant and useful knowledge that will provide managers with the necessary expertise to succeed in the digital economy.

We have built a lively community of talented academics from multiple disciplines who work on developing this knowledge. We have partnered with some of the most prominent and innovative companies in the world on cutting edge research, working closely with both senior business and IT executives. Our core belief is that we must be guided by a scientific approach, relying on conducting, assessing and disseminating evidence-based research. We collaborate on research projects, we test our ideas through discourse and debate, and we share our ideas with the business and academic worlds through our writings and presentations. 

A remarkable opportunity exists for those who wish to become involved with the Center and its programs.  We offer a number of forums for participation that allow for varying levels and types of engagement.  We are confident that you will find your participation to be instructive and stimulating.  Please join us as we conduct pioneering research, inform key debates and shape the knowledge base of the future.