The Center for Digital Transformation (formerly CRITO)    

Faculty Associates


Michael Carey

database management systems, data intensive computing,

information integration, middleware, distributed systems,

and computer system performance evaluation


Melissa Mazmanian

communication technologies within organizational

contexts, individual experience and social dynamics with

wireless modes of communication

Vidyanand Choudhary

economics of information systems and emerging

technologies; pricing strategyfor software products; price

discrimination and segmentation



Bonnie Nardi

user interface design, collaborative work, computer-mediated

communication, and theoretical approaches to technology

design and evaluation



Sanjeev Dewan

value of information technology investments;information

technology in financial markets;electronic commerce


Tingting Nian

social media, online communities, and economics of digital goods

  Paul Feldstein

economics of healthcare; health plan performance;

health-care plan choice



Gary Olson

interactive & collaborative technology; human-computer

interaction; computer supported cooperative work



Mary Gilly

service quality; customer service; internal

marketing; cross-cultural service encounters


Judith Olson

interactive & collaborative technology; human-computer

interaction; computer supported cooperative work

Vijay Gurbaxani

IT and innovation; strategic sourcing of IT-enabled

services; value of IT investments;economics of

information systems


Connie Pechmann

consumer behavior; advertising strategy and regulation; retailing, micromarketing and geographic information systems

Mimi Ito

anthropology of technology use; children and youth's

changing relationships to media and communications



Jui Ramaprasad

impact and drivers of user-generated content;

online communities; social networks; diffusion of information; digital media

Ramesh Jain

computer vision; multimedia information retrieval;

experiential environment



Padhraic Smyth

data mining; applied statistics; machine learning

and information theory


Alfred Kobsa

human-computer interaction; personalization,

privacy; information visualization; expert finders


John Turner

media management, applied optimization, revenue

management, problems at the interface of operations

and marketing


Gloria Mark

Computer-supported cooperative work; virtual collaboration;

groupware design and collaborative virtual environments


Alladi Venkatesh

community-based technologies (home informatics

and networking; youth and new media; consumers

and electronic environments); cross-cultural research


 Bill Maurer

anthropology of law; globalization;anthropology of money and

finance; gender and kinsh


Mingdi Xin

Software-as-a-Service adoption; IT sourcing strategies;

software and service pricing; IT service contracts