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SURVEY SNAPSHOT FROM CDT Digital Transformation of Businesses Study


How much have new technologies – social media, mobile computing, analytics and cloud -- taken hold in companies currently?  How comprehensive are the new digital technologies in companies?  Are these technologies confined to only some processes or functions in the company or are they spread throughout the enterprise?  We surveyed 124 public companies on their use of four new technologies which are common across industries and are powering the digital enterprise.  The results of the survey reveal that there is an uneven progression of transformation in companies.  Social media, mobile and cloud computing are in use in four-fifths of the companies with data analytics initiatives in less than half of the companies.




This snapshot focuses on the state of digital technology use by companies which are in various stages of transformation.   Overall, we find that penetration into all areas of the business has not been realized and the business effects vary by type of technology in use.  With the customer-centric refocusing of many companies, not surprisingly the use of the new technologies is primarily confined to marketing and sales.  Penetration to other areas of the business is considerably less in evidence.  Particularly the areas of R&D, product and service development and distribution and supply chain logistics, which all rely on information technology, have not yet adopted widespread use of these new digital technologies.  Findings regarding the four technologies are available below.    

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CDT Digital Transformation of Businesses Study



 Vijay Gurbaxani and Debora Dunkle


Executive Summary/Key Findings


We surveyed more than 100 CIO's and other senior IT executives across a range of industries about how their companies were preparing for a digital world.  And indeed, about one in six companies surveyed feel that transforming their businesses for a digital economy is critical to their success.  And another 41% believe digital transformation is a part of their growth strategy, but not the whole story.


But a large percentage of survey participants (44%) did not view digital transformation as critical to their businesses -- at least, crucial enough to be digitally proactive and aggressive.    If those companies later decide to get serious at digital transformation, they will need to make substanital changes in their mindsets, business processes and talent.



The 15% of our research participants whose companies believe that digital transformation is their most important mandate have much to learn from the 15%:


  • Their digital transformation starts at the top of the organization -- in most cases with their CEO.
  • Their culture embraces innovation and risk-taking, including driving ideas from multiple disciplines.
  • They look for guidance on what to do digitally not only from inside their industry but more importantly from outside of it.
  • They realize they need highly skilled digital talent, and they are willing to invest in the latest digital technologies to attract that talent.


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