The Center for Investment and Wealth Management    

A Message from the Faculty Director

Our mission is to create and disseminate vital, applicable research and knowledge concerning the creation, management and inter-generational transfer of wealth. The Center is gaining national recognition as a source of cutting-edge research and innovative programs that advance our understanding of and successful practice in the field of wealth management, including all of its relevant disciplines and audiences.


The Center for Investment and Wealth Management is dedicated to: 

  • The study of global financial markets to gain a better understanding of effective investment management techniques, the overall global financial system and the role and effectiveness of financial markets in fostering socially responsible, sustainable economic growth.
  • The study of wealth management techniques to discover the most effective methods for creating, preserving and growing wealth, assessing philanthropic opportunities, implementing a tax efficient transfer of wealth and building and preserving family legacy and harmony.
  • The development and delivery of programs and informational reports based on the above research and other information for the following audiences:
  1. MBA students as part of their degree program to provide an avenue to obtain their CFA, CFP or other certification and join the qualified body of highly ethical investment and wealth managers,
  2. Current investment and wealth management professionals to keep them abreast of the most recent developments affecting their clients and their industry,
  3.  Individuals and families, through a series of seminars, to increase their understanding of the complex issues associated with their life, their wealth and their legacy and to allow them to better utilize the services of their professional investment and wealth managers, and
  4. Disadvantaged individuals and young adults to increase their financial literacy and enhance their ability to manage and improve their financial standing.  

Through the above activities, the Center provides the impetus for study and discussion of the critical industry issues. Our vision is that the CIWM will emerge as a thought leader and source of innovative analysis for new methodologies and strategies. It will also provide rigorous analysis and critique of existing practices and will become widely recognized as a hub of activity, research, network and application for a vital international industry.


Andrew J. Policano

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