Frequently Asked Questions



Frequently Asked Questions (for Mentors)


What is the required time commitment to be a mentor?
The program runs from early November to late May. Ideally mentors and protégés will attend the two main program events and contact each other at least once a month.  Each mentoring relationship is different, so the time commitments vary.  

How many students does a mentor have?
Each mentor is assigned one student to mentor per program year.

Which student populations participate in the program?
Full-time MBA students and Fully Employed MBA (FEMBA) students may participate in the program.  

What if I want to be involved in mentoring, but I do not have enough time to be a full year mentor?
There are many mentoring opportunities available throughout the year including speaking at workshops, sitting down with students for a quick chat or taking a phone call to talk with students.

What if I want to be a mentor, but I do not live within driving distance of UC Irvine?
There are opportunities to be a remote mentor using email, conference calls and video calls as a means of communication. For more information about remote mentoring please contact Barbra Marangell at or 949.824.6465.  

How am I matched with my protégé?
Potential protégés must go through a rigorous application process. Mentors and protégés are then matched based on fit and industry preference.

What do I do if my protégé is unresponsive?  
If your protégé is unresponsive, please contact Barbra Marangell as soon as possible for further assistance. You may contact Barbra at or 949.824.6465.


Frequently Asked Questions (for Protégés)

Who is eligible to apply?
Full-time and Fully Employed MBA students are eligible and encouraged to apply.
How many students are paired every year?
Last year, we paired 110 MBA students.
How are students selected and matched?
Student selection is based on fit/industry and quality of application. Matches are based on the preferences of both the protégé and the mentors.


Can students select their mentors?
Unfortunately, students are not able to select their mentors. 
Will my mentor find me a job?
The primary role of your mentor is not to find you a job or an internship. However, they are resources to discuss your professional goals and may guide your job search where appropriate.    
How many times do we have to meet?
Protégés and their mentors should meet in-person at least once a month. Additionally, students are encouraged to communicate with their mentors in between these meetings either through phone calls, emails, or other forms of communication.  
What if I cannot get in touch with my mentor? 
Keep in mind that your mentor could be traveling, have personal emergencies or just extremely busy, as they are executives. However, if your mentor consistently does not respond to any form of communication within a couple of weeks, please contact Barbra at


Mentor Sign Ups


Mentors play an integral role in this program. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact Barbra Marangell at or 949.824.6465.



Student Sign Ups


Applications for the Executive Mentoring Progrma are released in the Fall. Please check your UCI student email for notification when applications open.