2014 Summer Fellows for their Research Translations



Rebecca Y. Chung is a student at the Univesity of Western Ontario who will be translating research on how cognition for improved job performance can be enhanced.


Harsh Jha is a doctoral student at UC Irvine's Paul Merage School of Business who will provide advice on how early-stage entrepreneurs can create a positive identity for their nascent organizations.


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2014 Summer Fellowship in Research Translation for Practice

Download CGL Summer Fellowship Flier


The Fellowship provides a $3,000 summer stipend to a doctoral student or faculty member upon completion of a translation by Friday August 29, 2014.

The Fellow must translate the implications for individual practical action of any body of social science research within the field of management or leadership (broadly defined). The translation shall consist of no more than three pages of text, in addition to an appended reference list. The translation must be based on research judged to be the highest standards in the field; however, the translation may clearly state that the action implications are generalized from the scholarly research.

This translation will be edited by a professional writer and then posted on the Center’s Translations web page. Through this fellowship program, the Center hopes to facilitate the translation of quality research into practice, and make those translations easily available to practitioners throughout the world.



Applicants should submit the following as email attachments to be considered:
1. Curriculum vitae
2. No more than one concise page describing the topic to be covered and explaining why there is enough solid research to begin identifying action implications for individuals
3. Sample references to the research to be translated

Criteria for a Fellowship include evidence of the ability to present an idea clearly and concisely, and a judgment that there is enough quality empirical research to support the action implications.


All applicant submissions received by Friday, December 19, 2013, will be considered.


Once an applicant submission has been approved, final translations are due no later than Friday, August 29, 2014, to qualify for the stipend payment (there may follow some minimal rework on the paper at the suggestion of the editor).


Email all submissions to Jone L. Pearce, Dean's Professor of Leadership, and Director, Center for Global Leadership, at