Visiting Scholar

Sergio López Bohle was a visiting scholar at the Center for Global Leadership Winter 2013. He is a PHD Candidate in Psychology, Master in Business Management and Business Administrator.

During the course of his academic experience he has been a professor in the areas of Human Resources Management, Organizational Behavior, Business Management and Marketing. Currently, he is full time professor of Graduate programs, professional indoor programs, and Business Administration, at the School of Economics and Administration of the Universidad de Santiago de Chile. Furthermore, he is Adjunct Professor of the School of Psychology, Organizational Psychology specialization, at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

In terms of administrative responsibilities, he has been a member of the committee of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and of the Master in Administration and Human Resources Management. The role of management advisor for the Dean can also be highlighted, national coordinator of the academic area of administration and in charge of the degree requirements of Business Administration.

In terms of research, his areas of interest are restructuring, perceived job insecurity, organizational justice, supervisor-employee relationship, in-role job performance and organizational citizenship behavior.

In the professional field, he has developed roles such as Marketing Manager at Salfa Sur, Project Engineer at Grupo Zavala and Universidad San Sebastian. This professional experience has also been combined with consulting for boards of directors and management in the areas of human resources, marketing and project evaluation in the fields of health, construction industry, agriculture and services.