Dean Spangenberg Announces Changes Summer 2015


I am writing to announce a bit of reorganization and appointments with regard to broadening the international footprint of The Paul Merage School of Business.  

The organizational change:


Moving forward, the Center for Global Leadership will be responsible for coordinating all things international for the Merage School. As such, the Faculty Director of the CGL will be the person responsible for gauging cross-school interest and scheduling our internationally-oriented courses, including face-to-face, online, and residential offerings.


Recognizing of course that faculty and staff are already engaged in such work, the CGL will also help coordinate and build out our international scholarship and executive education activities. Although we have many internationally renowned scholars and educators in our midst, we are under realizing our potential with regard to publicizing this fact.


Realizing economies of scale and greater reputational and recruiting benefits of multiple international connections will be better achieved by centralized responsibility for coordination; this will also serve as a clear place for communication (both internal and external) regarding our international activities.


We also plan to increase our invitation of more internationally-focused external speakers and fundraising initiatives such as scholarship dollars enabling more Merage School students to study abroad.

Thank you to Professor Jone Pearce for serving as Faculty Director for the Center for Global Leadership since before I arrived at the Merage School; the Distinguished Speaker Series, mentorship program, and research translations are activities historically housed in that Center that add significantly to our reputation and recruiting.  Jone will remain critical moving forward as she is a prominent, internationally-focused scholar who will undoubtedly continue to contribute in unique ways to our global reputation.






The appointments:

I’m pleased to announce that John L. Graham will rejoin the Merage School this summer as Faculty Director for the Center for Global Leadership.  Many of you know John’s stellar reputation as an international scholar and educator.  Please join me in welcoming John back to the Merage School; I know many of you share my pleasure in the thought of working with John on this important initiative.  I’m sure John will be in touch with many of you in the months ahead as he is excited to get started; I leave it to John to organize a board meeting as we engage our external supporters in renewed and revised activity around the Center for Global Leadership.  

John Graham and I are also happy to announce that William Hernández Requejo will be joining the Center for Global Leadership team as Executive Director. He is a UCI alumnus and graduate of Georgetown University Law Center  with his JD in international law. William has taught at UCI since 1981 and for the Paul Merage School of Business for over a decade with excellent reviews.  He has also taught at Instituto de Empresa (IE) in Madrid, and was the founding director of the Asturias Business School in Spain. He is currently very much involved in developing our relationship with the University of Havana. Most recently, William was recognized as an international expert by the United Nations Development Program in the area of Foreign Investment Negotiations.  In addition to his work at UCI, William has also led a locally based, international consulting firm specializing in the area of international business development and negotiation. His clients have included large multinational firms within the finance, energy, high technology, engineering and construction sectors, as well as local small and medium sized firms seeking to expand and develop international expertise. Please join me in welcoming William to this newly appointed position.