The Center for Real Estate    

Center for Real Estate - Reception AreaThe Center for Real Estate at The Paul Merage School of Business is an integral and indispensable component of the program in Real Estate and Urban Development at the University of California, Irvine. Starting in 2003, serious discussion began at The Paul Merage School of Business about the need for the development of a comprehensive professional and academic program in real estate. Immediately apparent was the need for a Center of Excellence that would provide a binding force among the three primary missions of the proposed program.


  • Student Education
  • Academic Research
  • Professional Outreach


The Center for Real Estate is the realized product of that dialogue and is formally organized as one of the seven current Centers of Excellence within The Paul Merage School of Business.


Kerry Vandell, director, Center for Real Estate
“It [the Center for Real Estate] bridges the instructional, research and outreach missions of the program toward the creation and dissemination of knowledge as it relates to our built environment.”

- Kerry Vandell, Director, Center for Real Estate

Both history and circumstance have forcefully made the case for the Center’s existence: Orange County’s unique tradition of large-scale, master-planned urban development projects have characterized our region for almost half a century. Today, the challenges presented by advances in technology, environmental change, capital and infrastructure needs, housing affordability, diversity and globalization only serve to make the case stronger.

The Center’s core constituency is composed of faculty, students and professionals who share a common interest in furthering our understanding of the ways in which we can harness knowledge to create a sustainable urban future.


Andy Policano, Dean of the Paul Merage School of Business“The Orange County real estate community includes such diverse activities as REIT and mortgage-backed security analysis, mortgage banking and structured finance, investment banking, brokerage land development, homebuilding and asset management. The expertise of the faculty and students in the UC Irvine Center for Real Estate is uniquely situated to study and provide support for all of these critical components of the real estate community.”

Andy Policano, Dean's Leadership Circle Endowed Professor of Economics and Public Policy and former Dean, The Paul Merage School of Business