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Integrating Care At Every Point Along A Patient’s Surgical Journey

Advisory Board member Dr. Zeev Kain, department chair of anesthesiology at UCI, on a patient-centric approach to standardize care and reduce system-related variability throughout the entire surgical journey. This article addresses a team approach, from the minute the surgeon and the patient decide a procedure is needed until 30 days after discharge. Read more.


The Big C is Big Business in KC Area: Dr. Jacobson on the Costs of Oncology Drugs

The Kansas City area is experiencing bumper-to-bumper developments in its cancer care marketplace. In the article Dr. Jacobson discuses the payment method to reimburse physicians  administering outpatient chemotherapy drugs. Read more.

The 2015 Health Care Forecast Conference was a huge success! If you missed it, you can view video of it here.

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