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About the Health Care Speaker Series

The Distinguished Speaker Program offers an annual series of lectures featuring prominent policy-makers, scholars, journalists, and other opinion leaders who address some of the most pressing issues in health care today.

This lecture series was launched in 2001 with Paul Ellwood, MD – the “father of HMOs” and instrumental in forming federal health policy and reforming private sector systems – asking a provocative question: “Does managed care need to be replaced?” In subsequent years, industry leaders such as John Wennberg, MD, director of the Center for the Evaluative Clinical Sciences at the Dartmouth Medical School, John Calfee, PhD, resident scholar of the American Enterprise Institute, and Robert Moffit, PhD, director of Domestic Policy Studies for the Heritage Foundation joined the list of prominent speakers at this coveted event.

Previous topics of discussion include:

  • Unwarranted Variations in Health Care Delivery: What’s going on in southern California?
  • Targeted Therapeutics – How Biotechnology Innovations Affect the Cost of Care and Competition Among Firms Marketing Pioneer Drugs
  • State Health Reform: Revolutionary Possibilities
  • California's Health Benefits Exchange - Is It Ready for Prime Time?
  • Price Transparency: Where We Are, Where We Are  Headed, and What Is In The Way
The series attracts health care industry leaders, alumni, faculty and students, among others. Attendees have an opportunity to network and meet the speakers at post-event receptions.



The ACA in 2015 and Beyond:
What the Mid-Term Election Will Mean for Health Care Reform


Friday, November 14, 2014 

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This presentation will examine what the outcome of the mid-term election will mean for implementation of the ACA in 2015 and beyond. Will Congress approve any substantive changes to the law? And will President Obama approve them? Will the GOP rally around a single replacement alternative? And what does it all mean for the likely shape of the debate over the law in the 2016 presidential contest? These and other questions will be addressed in the talk.

Keynote Speaker

James C. Capretta, Senior Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center,
and Visiting Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute

Program Schedule

8:00-9:00 am - Breakfast Buffet and Registration

9:00-10:15 am - Speaker Presentation and Q&A

10:15 am - Program Ends


This program is presented by the Center for Health Care Management and Policy at The Paul Merage School
of Business, UC Irvine.


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General admission $55 per person
UCI Faculty / Staff / Alumni / Executive Program Students $45 per person
Full-Time Students $25 per person


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